Let us focus on your every detail

We create an environment where our customers do not have to worry about the material features and specifics of design foil stamping, and can fully focus on the main direction of their business. This allows us to take care of every detail related to the project’s realization. Moreover, by providing  adhesive, manufacturing foil and dies engraving, we contribute significantly to emphasizing the design details, making them brighter and more attractive on the packaging - «Let us focus on your every detail»

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PPF Foil Color guide

We are welcome to offer our customers both rich product lines suitable for any applications and wide variety of colors that help to achieve remarkable affects.

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Brand new PPF office in Moscow

A brand new PPF office with the new production facilities, sales and support team, opened the door in Moscow on the 15th of January, 2018.

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Accessories in PPF

The refined aesthetics of stamping and embossing is perfection in details. The decisive factor for the success of total unit is the right choice of accessories, so that each piece can provide not only visual pleasure, but tactile satisfaction as well. 

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Rebranding into PPF

With the rapid growth and expanded range of products PPF came up to the certain level which required total rebranding of the company! With the new logo, slogan and qualified team PPF is ready to assist customers in supplying full package of products and services.

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